Tuesday, 13 September 2011

L'Oreal Perfect Clean for sensitive skin - Review

And Hallelujah! Yes, I'm finally back from:

1) Holidays

2) Start of term law exams! (Yes, I know, how great is that?! We get exams BEFORE the term starts, so we can be nice and stressed at the start of September! Yay!)

Little OT, I know, but the important thing is...I'm back, and today I'm reviewing a facial cleanser which I used quite a lot this summer.

The facts

L'Oreal Perfect Clean is a cleanser! (I know, you REALLY needed that piece of information...)
L'Oreal Perfect Clean for sensitive skin

It comes in four different formulations:
  • Refreshing foaming gel wash (for normal skin)
  • Purifying foaming gel wash (for acneic skin)
  • Gentle exfoliating gel wash (I think it's for any type of skin)
  • Soothing foaming gel wash (for sensitive skin)

I don't really have sensitive skin but I tend to choose the "sensitive" formulation in any cleanser because I find them gentler and generally to be formulated better.

Now on to the real review.

....can I say, I really REALLY hate the packaging? I find the bottle to be really ugly! Not that it matters that much but still...ugh!

The actual product is white and smells like soap. It's quite thick in consistency and does a good job at cleansing your face but doesn't leave that squeaky clean feeling that other cleansers leave behind. It absolutely can't compare to my HG facial cleanser, Avene Cleanance soapless gel cleanser.
So why did I even bother buying this?

Truth is, I wanted the scrublet. The scrublet is absolutely marvellous and I love it to bits! It gets all the gunk off your face while exfoliating in a very gentle way. So I would recommend buying this once and then keeping the scrublet in order to reuse it with your favourite facial cleanser.

Overall, it's an ok cleanser but not my HG....but the scrublet is worth checking out!! It's also quite cheap, I think it's about 5 or 6 £? I'm not sure because you can't get it in Italy, my sisters brought it back for me while they were on holiday in London.

l'oreal scrublet

Don't be scared by the bristles, they're made of silicone and are incredibly soft! My only concern is that it takes quite a while to dry so I don't find it incredibly hygienic. On top of that, the gunk that comes off your face can get stuck between the bristles so I recommend washing it carefully and disinfecting it to stop bacteria from nestling in between the bristles.

Notice how the scrublet "pops" out of the bottle...

L'oreal perfect clean sensitive skin 2

In conclusion...


  • Gentle
  • No irritating smell
  • Cheap


  • Awful bottle
  • Doesn't give a "squeaky clean" feeling

Final verdict 

Product: 13/15
Value: 5/7
Ease of use: 3/4
Packaging: 1/4

Overall: 22/30 (C+)

It's an average cleanser which gets a plus because of the scrublet.


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