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Cargo Eyeshadow Duo in Oregon - Review and Swatches

Here I am again with a new review, this time of an eyeshadow duo. I got this yesterday at a sale at Sephora. I'm not sure what the full price is (I think it's about 15-20 €/20$) but I paid it 5 € on sale.

The facts

What Cargo says: CARGO eyeshadows have long been a pro-artist favorite. Silky, blendable, and and layerable, the formulations provide gorgeous, sheer color that can be built up to the desired intensity.  

Is it true? We'll see in a moment.

One minor annoyance with the packaging is that you can't see the colour through the packaging and the cardboard box it comes in doesn't tell you either. Which is fine IF there are testers around. If there aren't, you need to open it. And the fact that they were on sale means that a zillion people opened it to see the colour. And one of these zillion didn't put the tin in the right packaging; my box says "Omaha", which still doesn't tell me anything about the actual colours. The duo inside was actually in Oregon and seeing as I looooove golden/khaki/olive shadows (e.g. Mac Sumptuous Olive), I decided to give this a try.
Cargo eyeshadow duo box

Cargo eyeshadow duo

Cargo eyeshadows come in small metal tins; you can't screw on the top, it kind of just sits on the bottom half of the tin. I both like and dislike this packaging. I think it's sturdy and cute but I really hope that:

a) it won't rust in the future

b) it won't pop open in my bag and coat everything with an olive-gold sheen.

The tin contains 1.5 g x 2 and really looks like it will last a long time. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and so flattering if you have brown eyes!

Cargo eyeshadow duo oregon

The colours are very pigmented and have excellent staying power. I forgot to take my make-up off and wore both to a 2 hour dance class yesterday. Middle of July, boiling heat, lots of sweat and movement and lots of wiping with a towel...yes I know, not a very attractive picture, but you know what? It stayed there without creasing or smudging, through the whole two hours, looking untouched at the end of it (my face on the other hand was a bright brick red so I can't say the same for blush and foundation because I couldn't actually see them anymore). I wasn't even wearing primer underneath! However, I don't have oily lids so eyeshadows don't usually crease or smudge on me. But still, I was impressed!!

You get twice as much product with this as a Mac or Urban Decay full size eyeshadow and I can surely say that the quality is fantastic! The texture is smooth and they both blend like a dream. The finish is not matte but not glittery either. It's a little shimmery but not over the top. All in all I'd say this is a must have for golden/olive eyeshadow lovers! I will update if I see any rust on the tin or if it explodes in my bag..other than these preoccupations, I love love LOVE this eyeshadow. I honestly can't see myself running out of this seeing as the pan is so big so I don't think I'll ever need to repurchase!

Cargo eyeshadow Oregon

In conclusion...

  • Great pigmentation
  • Lots of product for the price
  • Two colours in one very portable, tiny tin!
  • Excellent staying power
  • Doesn't crease or smudge
  • Cute sturdy packaging

  • The tin might rust or pop open in your bag
  • No mirror (if you are a mirror lover!)

Final verdict

This is an excellent eyeshadow with great texture and great pigmentation. I love it and find myself using it a lot!

Product: 15/15
Value: 7/7
Ease of Use: 4/4
Packaging: 3/4

Overall: 29/30 (A)

Hope you enjoyed this!

More pictures and swatches....!!

Cargo eyeshadow duo oregon*

Cargo eyeshadow duo tin


Cargo eyeshadow duo oregon swatch


Cargo oregon swatch


Cargo eyeshadow swatch

Disclaimer: Yes I bought this. No this was not sent to me.

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