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Cargo Safari Kit - Review, Pictures and Swatches!

Exams finally over! Yay!

I've been meaning to do a review of this for a while, since it's limited edition...I just couldn't find the time!

So here is my review for the Cargo limited edition Safari Kit.

The facts

Cargo Safari Kit is part of the Cargo Voyages Collection and consists in a small travel-friendly makeup pouch containing five items. Of these five items, three are full size!

The five items in question are:
  • Coral Beach blush (full size)
  • Eyeshadow duo in ED-13B (full size)
  • Eye pencil in khaki (full size)
  • Lipgloss in Serengeti (travel size)
  • "Triple action" mascara (travel size)

What Cargo says: CARGO created a collection of make-up inspired by the exotically beautiful hues of the African Savannah.  This kit is perfect for voyages long and short. After all, make-up is a woman's “CARGO”!

This collection includes three full-size and two mini must-haves, for a complete make-up look
you can take anywhere and is packaged in a vintage-looking, travel-inspired Voyages make-up bag.

The kit comes in a small plastic box. Inside is a very cute postcard shaped pouch which is definitely a plus...I love it and will be using it a lot since I often travel with makeup.  I must say that I wasn't impressed with the quality of the pouch. The zipper almost broke during the first week of use and I had to sew the end of it back together. It's hard to explain and I don't have pictures of it...nothing major but it was still rather annoying! So be sure to check the zipper before you buy it!

The kit costs 30€ which is great seeing as a full sized cargo blush costs about 20€. Great value for your money!

Here is what the box and the pouch look like front and back. Notice the cute little bird shaped charm on the zipper!

safari kit1

safari kit2

safari kit3

safari kit7

safari kit4

safari kit5

safari kit6

safari kit7

Let's look at the single items...

Coral Beach blush

This blush is absolutely beautiful. It is very pigmented so be careful or it will look very orange. It gives this beautiful shimmery summer glow to your cheeks. In theory you can use the single stripes separately but to be honest I don't think that's possible unless you use a very thin brush. I personally like to swirl all the colours together. I love the orange-pink-bronze colour it gives to my cheeks! Lovely lovely lovely!

It comes in a round metal tin, Cargo's signature packaging, which contains 9 grams (0.317 oz.) of product.

So I love it, but it doesn't beat my beloved Benefit Coralista (although something recently has! Curious?)

Cargo coral beach blush

Cargo coral beach blush2

Eyeshadow duo in ED-13

I already reviewed the Cargo Eyeshadow duo in Oregon and the same pretty much goes for this one. Very pigmented, gorgeous smooth texture, stays on for hours, doesn't crease and doesn't smudge. This duo is slightly less pigmented than the Oregon duo. The dark colour is an olive green, similar to the dark colour from the Oregon duo. My favourite however is the light gold. It's such a pretty shade of yellowy-gold and it illuminates my eyes really nicely. Gold is definitely my go-to eyeshadow colour and I especially love this one (my other favourites are Urban Decay's Half Baked, Mac's Retrospeck, Bottega Verde's Liner&Shadow in Caramel and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, which I use as a cream eyeshadow instead of as a base).

I tend to prefer lighter eyeshadow colours because my eye area is rather dark and I want to stop it from looking even darker. I usually use these as a wash of colour and I don't blend or crease with anything else (and they still look fantastic!!). I will be reviewing all of these soon but if you want to see one of these reviewed sooner let me know!

Anyway, back to the review!

This eyeshadow comes in a small metal tin, identical to the blush but smaller. There are 3.5 grams (0.123 oz.) of product in the tin.

I love this eyeshadow, especially the gold! I think this duo is only available as part of the Safari Kit though.

Eye pencil in Khaki

Meh. Didn't love this. Pretty colour but not very soft. Nothing like my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 liners. It doesn't glide on and you need to press to get the colour and on the inner rim it doesn't show up at all.

I will say that it doesn't smudge and it stays put through the whole day. But still, nothing to get excited about. I would say it's ok...nothing more, nothing less. The pencil il 1.14 grams (0.04 oz.).
cargo safari kit pencil khaki

Cargo safari kit pencil khaki swatch

Lipgloss in Serengeti

I love this!! It's not sticky at all! The main thing I look for in a lipgloss is how smooth and not sticky it is. I don't care about how long it lasts because I actually like reapplying lip products (weird?). Besides, a lipgloss can't really last that long anywway, especially not through eating and drinking.

My only complaint is that it's orange in the tube but comes off as sheer with a slight orange tint to it. I would have liked it to be more pigmented.The tube is transparent with a silver top and contains 3 grams (0.105 oz.) of product.

I still love it, plus the tiny tiny packaging makes it so easy to just slip in your pocket!

Cargo serengeti lip gloss

Cargo safari kit serengeti lip gloss

Cargo serengeti lip gloss

cargo serengeti lip gloss swatch

cargo serengeti lip gloss swatch2

cargo serengeti lip gloss swatch3

cargo serengeti lip gloss swatch4

Triple Action mascara

This was the surprise of the kit! I love this mascara! It promises to thicken, lengthen and really does do all of that without looking too dramatic. I love the dramatic look but my lashes are really really long on their own so I don't go for dramatic during the day. This very black mascara leaves my lashes looking natural but beautiful and they don't feel crunchy at all! The wand is straight and cone shaped with plastic bristles; this combination curves beautifully and catches every lash. I have a hunch I'm going to purchase this in full size although I am dying to try MAC's Haute and Naughty mascara. What do you think?

The travel size is a small black tube which contains 4.5 ml (0.15 fl oz.) of product. The name of the product is written on the tube in silver lettering.

cargo triple action mascara

cargo triple action mascara 2

In conclusion...

  • Great value
  • Cute packaging
  • 4 out of the 5 products are fantastic!

  • The zipper on the pouch is not very sturdy
  • The eyepencil is not as good as the rest

Final Verdict:

Product: 14/15
Value: 7/7

Ease of use: 3/4 (I docked a point because of the eye pencil)
Packaging: 4/4

Overall: 28/39 (A)

I would definitely recommend this kit. I think it's a great way to try new products, especially if you've never tried anything by Cargo!

Disclaimer: The safari kit is a gift from my boyfriend! So I didn't buy it but it wasn't sent to me either.

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