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Kiko Sunproof Stylo SPF 15 in Glossy Berry - Review and Swatches

Don't you just love berry lipsticks? They're flattering on anyone, provided you find the right shade!

This particular lipstick is part of a limited edition: Kiko Coral Bay collection. This collection contains many other items such as blushes, sunproof foundation, shimmering body oil, bronzers, highlighters, waterproof cream eyeshadows and the list goes on...they can be viewed and bought online HERE.
Lovely as they look, I'm not a fan of Kiko products because the quality is not always exceptional...but the lipsticks really caught my eye...I had to try at least one!
Sunproof stylo 1

The facts

Kiko Sunproof Stylo comes in 8 colours:
01 Beige DorĂ© 

02 Shimmer Beige 

03 Sheer Nude

04 Pink Flamingo

05 Red Coral 

06 Soft Red

07 Red Magenta

08 Glossy Berry

I was really looking forward to trying Red Coral, the most popular colour of the collection. Unfortunately, it's sold out in the shops and after debating between Sheer Nude (a sheer beige with a my-lips-but-better effect), Shimmer Beige (a nude with glitter in it) and Glossy Berry, I chose the latter.
Kiko Sunproof stylo1

Kiko Sunproof stylo2

The lipstick comes in an elegant golden packaging. I really like how classy it looks! However, it's not shaped like traditional lipsticks but more like a lip balm.
Kiko Sunproof stylo3

Kiko Sunproof stylo4

Kiko Sunproof stylo5

Kiko Sunproof stylo6

The packaging states that the lipstick has an SPF of 15. Now...I love makeup with SPF but remember, it's not as effective as regular sunblock! I will do a post on this; in the meantime, watch this useful video or read this page. In general, I'd say SPF in makeup is good but it must not be used as a substitute for regular sunblock. In this case I think it's quite useful because many people don't bother with sunblock on their lips...but a specific product would be better.

The colour I chose, 08 Glossy Berry, looks very dark but actually comes off quite sheer and much lighter than expected. It's a pink plum colour which is very flattering on my olive skin; it's also quite buildable. It's shimmery but not glittery so it doesn't leave chunks of glitter on my lips as it fades away. I experienced no problems with feathering and it doesn't settle into fine lines. The lasting power is average, about four hours. The application is very smooth and the lipstick initially feels like a balm. It tends to feel pasty and thick after a couple of hours. Not an incredibly pleasant sensation but it doesn't bother me too much. As I already mentioned in a previous post, I don't mind reapplying lip products during the day.

One thing I love is the absence of any sort of smell. I don't mind scented lipsticks (such as MAC lipsticks) but I HATE "traditional smelling" lipsticks...the awful waxy smell just makes me want to take it off!

The lipstick retails at 7.50 € for 2 grams (0.007 oz.) of product. There isn't really a lot of product, on average lipsticks  are in the range 3.7-4.5 g .

It really is a lovely colour and it's limited edition so I would recommend checking these (and the rest of them!) out. I will definitely be buying the 05 Red Coral lipstick if I can find it. I really hope Kiko makes it a permanent item, it's sold out everywhere! In the meantime, here are the swatches of Glossy Berry on my hand and lips!
Kiko Sunproof stylo8

Kiko Sunproof stylo7

Kiko Sunproof stylo9

The rest of the collection doesn't really drive me mad with desire. Perhaps the waterproof eyeshadows are worth a look. The gold looked beautiful but I have too many gold eyeshadows so I decided against it.

In conclusion...

  • Elegant gold packaging
  • 8 shades to choose from
  • Smooth application
  • Buildable coverage
  • No smell
  • The price
  • No feathering
  • Doesn't accentuate fine lines
  • SPF 15

  • Pasty after a couple of hours
  • Limited edition

Final verdict

Product: 12/15
Value: 4/7
Ease of use: 4/4
Packaging: 4/4

Overall: 25/30 (B+)

I don't love this because of the pasty sensation it leaves on my lips after a couple of hours but I do like it very much. It doesn't dry out my lips and it's a pretty colour. Overall a great budget find!

Disclaimer: I chose this myself and then bought it. It wasn't sent to me, these are my honest opinions.

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